About Adam

Adam Colston is an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) despite living and working in Devon in the United Kingdom. He has been writing science-fiction and fantasy since 2006, with some success.

In 2009 he was nominated (in the long-list) for the BSFA short fiction award for work published in 2008 and then, later in November, was the second place winner (Q3) in the Writers of the Future contest.

Adam is a member of Codex Writers and has been published at Orson Scott Card’s Inter-Galactic Medicine Show, Redstone Science Fiction and Writers of the Future, Vol. 26 Anthology. He has fiction due out in Daily Science Fiction.


I have another website here, please visit.

3 thoughts on “About Adam

  1. Jim Watts

    hi skads

    Up in yorkshire with Nev – fab news about the award. Love to S and B. Nev xx

  2. Susan D Goater

    Hello Adam
    I note you have not email address – I look forward to meeting you IF I make the Bristol Con.


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